I've been using Time Slots to help me block out study time for my classes as a student - however, now that we're about to start a new term, I tried to delete all my existing recurring weekly time slots only to find that they would not delete as expected. When you try to delete a recurring time slot, it gives you two questions (do you want to delete just this time slot or all future ones, and whether or not to delete the contained tasks). I found that only some of these options actually work as expected, and none of them succeeded in stopping the timeslot from recurring.
Instead, I had to manually go into the future tasks and delete the "recurring" trait directly (with the little "x" button above the looping arrow) before deleting the task to stop it from propogating. In addition, after doing this the tasks scheduled remained on my google calendar, and I had to delete these manually as well. Overall, I've had a hard time with recurring timeslots and akiflow, and feel like their behavior needs another passover to make them more usable / less buggy.