📱Mobile Huge Release: 📆 Calendar, 🔥 NLP and much more!
The release will be rolled out in batches, starting with the first group of Android users within the next 24-48 hours. Our goal is to make the release available to all users by the end of this week.
🔥 Natural language recognition
  • You can now
    type the schedule date while creating a task
    , and Akiflow will automatically recognize it. This feature is similar to the desktop app and will make task creation more fast and efficient.
📆 Calendar views
  • We have added
    Agenda, 1 day, 3 days, Week, and Month views
    to our mobile app.
  • You can now
    create, edit, and delete events
    from Akiflow, and organize your days using
    drag and drop
    directly from your mobile calendar.
While we have many UI/UX calendar improvements planned, we would appreciate your feedback on what can be improved. Please note that task groups are missing from this update.
🔔 Notifications improvements
  • We have improved the notifications sync.
  • Links: upcoming task notifications will open the task popup on the Today page, and daily reminder notifications will open the Today page. We will soon introduce event notifications.
⭐️ Others
  • 📆
    Today page:
    on the top of the page now
    follows your system settings
    , starting on the first day of your week (Sun/Mon).
  • 🔈
    Sound on task completion
    : We have added a sound effect when you complete a task to give you a more satisfying experience.
  • 🔀
    Repeat a task on a specific day
    : Just like in the desktop and web app, you can now repeat a task on a specific day, for example, on the 1st or last day of the month.
  • Illustrations:
    We have updated the Inbox and Today illustrations to align with our new desktop design.
  • ⚙️ Added support for
    Jira and GitHub
  • 💌 Improved UX of
    Gmail reconnect account
🦩 Phase 1 of our Redesign: UI/UX Calendar Improvements
Our new UI includes a
new calendar layout
, typography, buttons and badges, and our
bright and pastel colors
, to provide a sense of tranquility and harmony.
This is just the beginning of our redesign journey. Our development team is hard at work on phase two of the redesign, which will include even more improvements and features that we know you'll love.
🔥 GitHub - 2-ways sync Integration
Connect your GitHub account with Akiflow to
automatically import your issues and pull request.
For each repository, you can customize your import options by clicking "Configure".
Check out more at this link.
🌙 Rituals: Plan tomorrow during the Daily Shutdown
Our new rituals update is designed to help you
plan your tasks and goals for the following day during
your Daily Shutdown.
✨ New Animations
You'll notice new animations to make your experience even more engaging and fun!
We don't want to spoil all of them.. but try to reach Inbox Zero, complete all your goals for the day or do your Daily Rituals;)
⭐️ So many Improvements ⭐️
👀 New Command
You can now
Hide and Show your other calendars
using the command bar!
🔀 Recurrent Tasks
Repeat a task
on a specific day
, for example on the 1st of the month or last day of the month.
#Label page
  • you can now check the number of snoozed, someday, and done tasks
  • Improved default sorting and general UI
🏷️ Tags
  • We
    changed shortcut from
  • Akiflow now remembers the filter for every view while you keep using the app.
🏆 Share Inbox Streak
  • You can now share via email and Twitter your Inbox Streak:
Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 10
⚙️ Settings
  • We moved to Settings > My Account most of your account options.
  • You can now change your
    time format
    (12/24h) from Settings > Calendar > View options.
💌 Gmail
  • The Gmail sync should be faster on your desktop application:)
📱Mobile Notifications, Share with Akiflow and much more!
🔔 Notifications
  • Next task starting
  • Start your day with Akiflow
🏹 Share with Akiflow
You can use the 'share with Akiflow' option while you are on a webpage to quickly create tasks from any page!
🔀 Background sync
Your tasks are now synched with your desktop/web version, even if you are not actively using the mobile app.
🔄 Repeat tasks
You can now create and edit recurrent tasks from the mobile app.
✨ UI/UX improvements
We constantly work to improve the mobile app, every piece of feedback from you is extremely valuable :)
Tags are a great way to categorize tasks and filter your view to sharpen your focus.
Use the
to assign a tag to a task.
You can assign multiple tags to a task!
Filter every view
by tags:
  • tag one of your tasks, this tag will appear in the filter bar at the top of the list.
  • filter by multiple tags by holding down Cmd (on Mac) or Ctrl (on Windows) while selecting tags.
Tag Page
Once you assign a tag to a task, the task will also appear on the Tag page.
To jump to the Tag Page
  • Use the Go to feature (hit
  • Hold down cmd (mac) or Ctrl (Windows) while clicking on a tag
Check out more at this link!
💥 Jira Software Cloud - 2-ways sync Integration
Connect your Jira account with Akiflow to
automatically import your issues.
For each type of issue, you can
customize your import options
by clicking "Configure".
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 11
Check out more at this link.
✨ Improvements
Share Availability
Share Availability 📅
  • Confirmation page
    : now the Akiflow info is less visible.
  • Check the
    number of tasks done
    on the "done" columns.
  • UI improvements
Labels #️⃣
  • Hold cmd (mac) or ctrl (win) to
    jump to the Label Page
Inbox Zero 📩
  • Improved the UI
  • Check your stats
    by clicking on the Inbox Zero message:
Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 22
Others 🔍
  • Onboarding
    : You won't need to repeat the onboarding if you re-login.
  • Filters
    : Improved the UI and added a
  • Tasklist
    : The deadline position is now responsive, it moves to the first line if the second one is empty.
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