🎀 Siri integration on iOS
Easily create Akiflow tasks using Siri!
Try "Hey Siri, create a task in Akiflow" or similar sentences, then provide the task title, and you're all set.
If this is not working for you yet, please try opening Shortcuts > Click on the
button > Add Action > Apps -> Akiflow -> Create an Akiflow task. That should work.
πŸ”” Notifications performance improvement
Enhanced the whole notifications system for more accuracy.
πŸ—“οΈ Calendar Improvements
  • Added option to
    create tasks in Inbox
    : Tap the
  • Smooth view/page transitions with
    no glitches
  • Revamped day header and All-day calendar section (better spacing and shadows).
  • Improved UI for completed task group.
  • Hide the lock icon on tasks in the calendar.
  • Simplified Calendar Settings for easy management.
General Improvements: a polished mobile experience!
πŸ‘₯ Change the calendar account associated with events or locked tasks, just like on desktop/web.
πŸ†• Review all fields during task creation for an improved UX.
πŸ”™ Updated Undo task actions animation for a smoother feel.
πŸ”€ Share with Akiflow: After creating a task from a webpage, Akiflow will automatically return to that page (Android only).