Release 2.39

πŸ”₯ Horizontal Scroll and More!

✨ Horizontal Scroll
Swipe fast to seamlessly navigate through your calendar days.
πŸ“† Streamlined All-Day Section
  • Hover over to see all your events without opening the view.
  • Events: Only see one instance of the same all-day event.
⭐️ Calendar UI/UX
  • Task Tidiness
    πŸ“ Added a toggle in the calendar settings to hide completed tasks from cluttering your calendar.
  • Duplicate Ease
    πŸ” Hold Option/Alt to duplicate tasks and slots effortlessly.
  • Time Indicator
    Update πŸ•°οΈ Experience a fresh time indicator in the calendar.
  • Smoother Hovering
    🌟 Improved hover behavior
  • Drag and Drop Magic
    πŸ”— Enjoy an enhanced drag-and-drop user experience.