🏷️ Tags
  • Create, assign, edit, and delete tags directly from your mobile device.
💎 Create and Edit Time Slots
  • Manage your time slots anytime, anywhere.
🔎 Event and Contact Search
  • Easily search for events and contacts on the go.
🎨 Unlimited Event Colors
  • Add a splash of color to your events without limitations.
✨ Duplicate Events
  • Quickly replicate events for effortless scheduling.
🔄 Same Event Merge
  • Merge identical events effortlessly for a streamlined calendar.
ℹ️ Info Icon on Tasks
  • Access task details with ease.
📝 Hide Completed Tasks
  • New toggle in the calendar settings to declutter your view by hiding completed tasks.
🚀 We're embarking on a comprehensive UI/UX review of the mobile app! Stay tuned for exciting changes ahead!