📅 Plan Tasks for Time Slots
The command bar's plan command now suggests time slots for seamless task planning.
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#️⃣ Create Time Slot from Label Page
Drag the slot button to effortlessly create a new slot from the label page. The slot inherits the label and its name as the title.
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🎩 Manage Tasks Inside the Slot
  • ✨ Magic Button: "Replan Undone Tasks"
    to move them to the next time slot of the same recurrence or sharing the same label.
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  • Use
    inside a slot to select all undone tasks.
  • Manually sort tasks
    within the Time Slot.
  • Tasks assigned to a time slot now
    automatically inherit its label.
  • Newly created tasks appear at the top of the list.
📌 Pin Slot on a New Column
Need to focus on a time slot and its tasks? Hit the shortcut
to open a new column for a wider view of your work.
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