Command Bar

Release 2.37

🎨 Enhanced UI/UX in the command bar, with improved natural language recognition.
Use backspace/ESC to remove text recognitio
n. E.g., erase "tomorrow" from "Lunch with
🗂️ Grouped suggestions into sections like "Navigation" for better organization.
Add calendar to Plan Command
, enabling planning tasks while viewing your schedule.
📅👁️ Easily
show/hide calendars
by typing their names in the command bar.
✨ Now supports DD/MM/YY date format. Customize in Settings > Calendar > View options.
❌ Streamlined by removing the edit task/calendar forms. Use
change calendar account
while creating an event.
📅🕒 Improved date and time suggestions on Snooze and Plan commands. Try "date + time," "next," "we/week," "numbers."
🔔 Introducing "last used" for the snooze command. Quickly access your most recent snooze duration.