Release 2.37

🏷️ We added
time stamps while dragging and dropping
tasks into the calendar to make planning and replanning easier. You'll see both the primary and secondary time zone times.
Same Events merge
: if you have the same event on multiple accounts, you'll see only one in Akiflow, with a colored bar to show it's also present on other calendars.
👥 You can now also
change the calendar account
associated with an event or locked tasks
after creating
the task/event.
Tasks info is easier to read
  • Label icon moved to the right
  • Unlock icon is visible on hover on the right for a clearer view.
  • The title is now always aligned on top, will always go on 3 lines - if there's enough space - and the text will wrap around the checkbox, so you can fully read your tasks titles.
✨ Other
  • Show time information of events in medium and large densities
  • Improved the Calendar Settings to make them easy to manage.